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Sega Mega Drive Mini Console Revealed

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When Sega announced that it would make a major disclosure at its event, Sega Fes 2018, we did not expect it to really take the industry by surprise with far-reaching information. A few moments ago the arrival of Shenmue I & II to PS4, Xbox One, PC was confirmed and now we have another surprise, as the company announced that a Mega Drive Mini retro console is on its way.

Sega revealed that it is developing the Mega Drive Mini retro console (tentative name) and it is scheduled to debut this year, at least in the Japanese market. Unfortunately, the company did not disclose more details, such as price or release date, nor gave clues about the titles that will accompany it; it was only confirmed that its launch aims to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the original launch, which took place in October 1988 in Japan.

As the veterans of video games will know, this console was known as Mega Drive in Japan and Europe and in America, we knew it as Sega Genesis. This system debuted in Japan in October 1988 and was the successor of the Sega Master System, offering an advance in hardware that stood out for its 16-bit capacity, which it boasted at the top. In competitive terms, Sega Mega Drive had difficulties in Japan due to the popularity that Nintendo had in that country thanks to the success of the Famicom and later with the Super Famicom, however, in America it was a commercially successful console, just like in Europe.

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Although SEGA did not provide more information, it is likely that the mini console will remain in the Japanese market, since in that country it will be 30 years old and it will be until next year when the 30th anniversary of the debut of Sega Genesis in the United States will be fulfilled. It will be until then that a similar launch could take place.

What do you think of the Mega Drive Mini? What games will it include? Would you like the arrival of a Sega Genesis Mini? Tell us in the comments below