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SEGA is preparing to launch a subscription service of SEGA Forever?

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The iOS version of Comix Zone recently published in the Philippines seems to have revealed the existence of SEGA Forever, subscription service apparently promoted by the Japanese publisher and apparently destined only to the mobile market.

Recently, some rumors has appeared about a new subscription service of SEGA – called SEGA Forever – which is supported by the iOS version of Comix Zone, available only in the Philippines. However, at present it is unclear whether it can be a some kind of service for the mobile market, or maybe something new altogether different.

SEGA Forever is not yet officially active but it seems that the publisher wants to launch a subscription service that allows you to access all the titles of SEGA Mobile on iOS and Android. It is unclear whether SEGA Forever will be extended to PC and console world, we look forward to any official announcements about it.

Apparently SEGA Forever will embrace the entire SEGA production of the past, including titles for Saturn, at least according to the first who reported the news, the YouTuber RGT 85, who talked about excited fans for a survey in which he referred to the issue and a list of titles that also included those out on the mistreated console.

Would you like a service of this type dedicated to the games of the Japanese publisher? Let us know in the comment section below.