SEGA Forever could also arrive on PC and consoles?

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Recently, SEGA has unveiled SEGA Forever, a collection – totally free – of classic games currently available only on iOS and Android system. The initiative includes many classics already released on various consoles. At present, Sonic the Hedgehog or Phantasy Star is part of the exhaustive list of games present.

Yesterday, SEGA has announced the initiative of SEGA Forever for mobile devices, with the aim of offering players a rich catalog of retro titles freely playable on smartphones and tablets. Could the service also arrive on other platforms? This question is answered by Mike Evans, Chief Marketing Officer of the company.

Interviewed by GamesIndustry about it, Evans responded with these words: “About 90% of the games so far are in Unity. The reason we chose Unity as middleware is it enables us to take this content to other platforms as well.”

“So my first focus is mobile. It’s a huge project and what I really want to do is get mobile right. After this, there are options: we can look at desktop, Facebook, we could even take these games to consoles like Switch,” Evans further stated.

Among the first titles of the SEGA Forever series, we will find Sonic The Hedgehog, Comix Zone, Altered Beast, Phantasy Star 2 and Kid Chameleon.

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  • Man, they REALLY thought about this thing.

    Honestly, this idea is very innovative. They’re basically establishing a library of games on a software platform that works across all devices — smart phones, tablets, PC, all three consoles, and even Facebook was mentioned as a viable option. Nobody else has ever tried this concept, not even Steam. Sega was always really innovative.

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