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Sega files a trademark for “Narcia’s Tears and the Fairy’s Flute” in Japan

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In July, SEGA secured “Narcia’s Tears and the Fairy’s Flute”. This may indicate that the company will publish a new PopoloCrois game. Sega has thus registered a trademark of “Naria’s Tears and the Fairy’s Flute” in Japan on July 24.

Narcia is the name of the main character of the PopoloCrois series, in which fairies play a very important role. In addition, the developer of the saga, Epics, was recently looking for staff to develop a new title.

The interesting fact in this context is that the developer, Epics, published a job offer for a game designer on his website a few weeks ago. They were looking for an employee with experience in the field of consoles and smartphones. This is to work on a new game of PopoloCrois.

It is, therefore, possible that Sega performs the publisher function of this product, probably destined for the mobile market.

Rights for the PoPoLoCrois series are in the hands of Sony Interactive Entertainment; however, Return to PoPoLoCrois: A story of Seasons Fairytale, released on Nintendo 3DS under the label Marvelous!, was the first game in the series to not see the light on a PlayStation console. It could be a mobile or console game developed by Epics and we look forward to this new title’s development.

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