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Sega announces A Certain Magical Virtual-On for PS4 and PS Vita

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SEGA has announced A Certain Magical Cyber Troopers Virtual-On for PlayStation 4 and Vita: the game is a crossover between the visual novel series A Certain Magical Index and Virtual-On. The two franchises have already created a light novel published in Japan last year and welcomed warmly by critics and audiences.

SEGA has announced a surprise cross-over between the unexpected series Cyber Troopers Virtual-On and novel series of Dengeki Bunko’s A Certain Magical Index. The game will be titled A Certain Magical Cyber Trooper (Virtual-On) and will be out exclusively on Playstation 4 and Playstation Vita only in 2018.

A Certain Magical Virtual-On will be an action game focused on multiplayer in teams, the story will be written by Kazuma Kamachi (author of A Certain Magical Index) while the character designs will be a work of Hajime Katoki, already responsible for the appearance of mech of Virtual-On.

Although it is not clear the nature of the cross-over, and then as the visual component of the novel A Certain Magial Index will dawn in the production.

There are not many more details about the title, SEGA has opened a teaser site for A Certain Magical Virtual-On, the title is slated for release in the course of 2018 in Japan.

Here’s the first teaser trailer A Certain Magical Virtual-On: