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Sea of Thieves will include 540p Mode with 15 FPS support

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Rare has shown during recent months several advances of Sea of Thieves. All the videos have allowed us to see the game in 4K and a great performance in terms of gameplay.

Of course, the studio is working to optimize the title for Xbox One and PC, where the ideal goal is to reach that resolution and 60 fps stable. However, members of the studio said that Sea of Thieves will include on PC a way to play it at 540p and 15 fps.

Joe Neath, Executive Producer of Sea of Thieves, recently confirmed that the game will support the 4K resolution and 60fps (on Xbox One X and Windows 10), however, the studio is working to optimize the PC version even for less powerful hardware.

The goal of Rare is to make the minimum requirements especially affordable, Neath says that among the graphic options it will also be possible to set the resolution at 540p to 15fps, especially desired by the community, especially from players who do not have a PC configuration top of the range.

For this reason, it will be the decision of players how to enjoy Sea of Thieves. What do you think of this option to enjoy the title with fewer requirements? Would you like other games to include it?

Sea of Thieves will be available in 2018 on Windows 10, Xbox One and Xbox One X (with cross-play support), the launch date has not yet been announced.

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