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Sea of Thieves will have support for native 4K, unlocked frame rate, 21:9 resolution, & cross-play

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It is normal that when a game for consoles is announced for PC, the community subject matter is just a simple port that does not take advantage of the power of your hardware to shine. With Sea of Thieves, PC gamers should not worry about this, since Rare is struggling to deliver a game that takes advantage of everything the platform offers.

In a video for Nvidia, Ted Timmins, head of development for PC of Rare, explained that since starting work on this project began to think of ways to make it more than just a simple port. For this reason, those who will play Sea of Thieves on PC will find a title that has support for 4K resolution; unlocked frame rate; 21:9 aspect ratio and other features that PC gamers expect from their games.

Timmins explained that after deciding the above, Rare realized that there was no reason why they could not implement cross-play with the Xbox One version. For this reason, the team decided to do the work necessary to allow players to enjoy an adventure with their friends without any platform barriers.

In addition to talking about the above, Timmins and Nvidia showed a new gameplay of Sea of Thieves. In it, we see some of the game mechanics – such as maritime combat and sword fighting – that will be present in the new project of Rare.

Currently, Sea of Thieves is in a closed Alpha stage in which approximately 20,000 players are testing it so Rare can improve it based on the feedback. Thanks to this, they have made adjustments to their firing mechanics.

Sea of Thieves will launch on Xbox One and Windows 10 early next year.