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Sea of Thieve download for Xbox One and Microsoft Windows coming soon

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Sea of Thieve is an upcoming ne title for Xbox One and Microsoft Windows. And this will be coming up next year. The trailer was launched a few months ago and a final release date is not yet confirmed. As per certian news sources this is one of the best game developed by Rare yet. The game takes you on a journey with pirates. It is a multiplayer game. This game is also designed for Windows 10. The game is bit unique compared other multiplayer games. In Sea of Thieve player will have choice to create their own story. It will have a custom story section where you can create your own gameplay. As per its description the game will target more user generate content. Yet nothing is much revealed. The video trailer below was first revealed in E3 2015.

Sea of Thieve
Sea of Thieve

This game is having a lot of crafting elements that will allow players to create a lot of impressive stories.  The video below shows nice graphic quality also. Being a MMOP game this game will have to create a lot of new thins to encourage players to play.  Building your own story is some of the most impressive things that are worth to test. But it is also necessary to find how this really works. Yet the game developer is not giving out any information on the release and the year that is assumed is around 2016. So there is a pretty long time for the release. As per the game developer there will be lot of possibilities for the players to construct things and have more fun in the game.

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