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Sea of ​​Thieves Guide: How To Solve The Missing Gold And Reputation Bug

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Did you complete a quest in Sea of ​​Thieves and did not receive the promised reward? Do not be surprised: it is a bug, and it can be, fortunately, easily solved. Recently, in fact, Rare has provided the fastest solution to solve the problem.

Quests That Are Affected:
The quests that might present this type of bug are those assigned by the three factions of the game: Gold Hoarder, Order of Souls or Merchant Alliance. Given the importance of the success of these missions (which increase the reputation in the respective faction and can guarantee unique items), it is understandable that the players will be frustrated to see that they have not received any awards.

The Solution:
Fortunately, Rare has provided a simple solution: if you notice you have not received any awards, just quit the game and restart or matchmake back again. Once inside, your earned prize should be present.

Basically, even if at the end of a mission you do not see the prize immediately, it does not mean that it is lost forever: simply, the bug in question “delays” the registration of obtaining gold and reputation.

Other Bugs:
A very similar bug was reported by players who, by logging in, had found themselves without clothes and without any kind of objects. The solution to the problem, even in this case, is to restart the game. If you have problems with the Beigebeard, Cinnamonbeard, and Kiwibeard bugs Sea of ​​Thieves, you can refer to this guide to solve the problem.

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