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Scalebound Listed on Microsoft Store

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Scalebound was shaping up to be one of the most ambitious and eye-catching games for Xbox One. Unfortunately, the project did not advance as planned, so in the end, it was canceled.

Surprisingly, some players noticed that Scalebound reappeared again in the Microsoft Xbox store. This, of course, excited the Xbox One users who were waiting for the project of Hideki Kamiya and PlatinumGames.

Without wasting time, some fans augured the return of Scalebound and even thought about a possible presentation in E3 2018. However, the reality is very different.

The title is in the Microsoft store due to an error. Aaron Greenberg, head of marketing for Xbox, was questioned on Twitter about the sudden reappearance of the game. The creative assured that it is only an old page that remained in the store.

“That is a very old hidden page, not active or searchable in the store, but thanks for flagging, will have team follow-up,” Greenberg wrote on his Twitter account.

So, everything indicates that there are no plans to resume this project. In the middle of last year, players also regained hope momentarily, as Microsoft extended the use of the brand. Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, took the time to explain the cancellation of the game and said it was a difficult decision. He also spoke about his relationship with PlatinumGames and showed his interest to work again with Kamiya.

For his part, the Japanese creative apologized for the cancellation of the project. Shortly after announcing that Scalebound would not see the light, their trailers disappeared from YouTube.

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Scalebound was in development for Xbox One and Windows 10.

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