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Scalebound IP renewed by Microsoft, development entrusted to new team?


An update of Scalebound’s IP rights renewal could serve as a confirmation that Microsoft would have given free rein to the development of the game.

One of those, for many, is the biggest mistakes made by Microsoft, was the cancellation of Scalebound. And although Phil Spencer came out to defend the decision that ended the dream for many to be able to enjoy this work of Platinum Games, there were few people who agreed with this cancellation.

However, now we could be back again to have some good news, as there could have leaked the return of the development of Scalebound, if we stick to the renewal of the rights of the IP of the game, as you can see on the website of Justia.

Despite the fact remained that the end of the project movements came in October, now, in May, Scalebound has been updated again. And after some Twitter users have echoed this news, the comments seems to be coming in a lot, since the development of the game could have already started again, although, this time, without Platinum in between.

A Tweet from the insider X-Rays has rekindled the hopes of Scalebound. As you remember, Microsoft had canceled the project last January, after four years of development. But now, however, it seems that the work on the game is resumed, even if it will not be Platinum Games to take care of the production.

The cancellation of Scalebound has created several discontent between the Xbox community, it is possible that Microsoft has decided not to waste the work done in recent years reviving Scalebound with the development team for help other than Platinum Games. We will probably know more information about this cancelled IP in the coming weeks.