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Santa Monica Shows Off Beautiful God of War Credit Card, Fans React Hilariously

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Santa Monica Studio showed off a new “credit card” that made God of War fans jealous. Through Twitter, the company revealed a personalized credit card with the Leviathan Axe which is the lethal weapon of Kratos in the new title of God of War for PS4. Apparently, the product is an exclusive “treat” made in partnership with Visa and PlayStation Asia.

“This credit card may never leave you. Thank you Visa and our PlayStation Asia team for this,” can be read from the below Tweet.

The company even played with the “skills” of the credit card. Santa Monica shows how the item always returns to the user’s hand – referring to the Axe that always returns to Kratos’s hand.

The revelation of the credit card generated hilarious reactions from the community. Some of the comments say that after every purchase made, the message “Dont be Sorry, Be Better,” is sent to the consumer. The rest of the comments congratulate the beautiful design of the product.

Giving up the Chaos Blades was a difficult but wise decision by the developer. With a new gameplay perspective for the game, the Leviathan weapon of Kratos very well represents the strength and brutality of the protagonist.

God of War is available exclusively on PS4.