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Sam Lake of Remedy talks about Alan Wake 2 and Quantum Break

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Sam Lake of Remedy was recently interviewed by and on this occasion he spoke, among other things, the concept of Alan Wake 2 and the birth of Quantum Break, a title released last year on Xbox One and PC.

As for Alan Wake 2, Sam Lake has confirmed that the game is currently in development. Currently the company is not working on any game in the franchise, Lake also specifies that the IP of Alan Wake is totally in possession of Remedy, then it is possible that we can think in the future of new adventures. The studio has already proposed Alan Wake 2 to several publishers but none of them has ever asked the right conditions to continue developing the project.

“In the early concept of Alan Wake 2 that we took to Microsoft … there was the idea of it being episodic and in between having live action episodes,” Sam Lake said in the interview. “That part they loved. They were like, ‘This is a keeper but… we are looking for a new IP.’ They wanted to own that. Alan Wake is ours so that was off the table, so it needed to be something else.

Alan Wake 2 was proposed, of course, to Microsoft, a first concept was created in 2010 but was rejected by Redmond. The idea was to develop an episodic game with a strong intertwining with the world of the TV series, the company approved this idea but chose to give life to a new IP for the project.

From this first prototype we have thus arrived at version of Quantum Break that we could play last year. At present, Remedy is developing a new project called P7 (published by 505 Games) and is working on CrossFire 2.