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Mike Rose: Sales of Average Game on Steam Are No Longer Business

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Steam has not only stood out for its enormous distribution potential, but also for being an ideal platform to realize the desire of many developers, who seek that their games are considered as an option to buy in the industry. However, it seems that the golden years of the Valve platform, in qualitative terms, have been left behind; this is according to Mike Rose.

During his presentation at Game Developers Conference 2018, Mike Rose, the creative manager of motorcycling game motocross, Descenders, spoke about the difficulties that independent developers face today to obtain income when publishing their titles on Steam. According to Rose, 850 games were launched on the platform last month, an average of 40 daily and off the spectrum of large companies and large productions, the average games, which represent 82% of the offer on Steam, have seen a decrease in its sales and, therefore, in the income for the developers.

To substantiate his point, Rose presented data showing the performance of the average games in January 2017 and January of this year; Last year, an average game sold 500 copies and earned $2000 USD in revenue and a year later in the same month sold 100 copies and earned $280 USD.

Likewise, Rose acknowledged that the modifications in the advance access and support program on Steam, which went from Greenlight to Steam Direct, have been positive in terms of opportunities for more developers to publish their titles on the platform, but this has had a negative effect in financial matters.

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In addition, the creative was blunt to mention that most of the offer of Steam is garbage and these are affecting the economic system that had given results years ago. What’s your opinion about it? Tell us in the comments below.