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Ryse The Empire image leaked, sequel to Ryse: Son of Rome?

For several hours an image has been circulating on the web showing the logo of Ryse The Empire, allegedly the sequel to Ryse Son of Rome, title released in 2013 to the launch of Xbox One. This burst is generating much debate on the web: is it a real image or completely false teaser image?

Ryse: Son of Rome will certainly not be remembered as one of the best launch titles of the current generation, but there have been positive views among both critics and audiences.

There are possibilities for a sequel that improves the work of Crytek? For the moment there is no official information about it, but, as reported, on the web an image has been circulating showing the title of Ryse: The Empire.

Hard to know more because there are absolutely no rumor concerning a hypothetical result of Ryse Son of Rome, Crytek has expressed repeatedly over the years stating that at the moment there are no plans for a sequel while Phil Spencer revealed that in the past the Redmond home often receives requests regarding Ryse 2, however this certainly is not enough to put a game into production.

In all likelihood the shot (removed from the author’s Twitter profile) is false but we can not rule out the existence of Ryse The Empire, perhaps as a launch title for Xbox Scorpio. What do you think?

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