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Rumor: Super Mario Odyssey will release this November 2017

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According to an article published by the Financial Times, Nintendo would want to increase the production of Switch units in conjunction with the festive year-end period, from November onwards. The reason behind this choice might be, according to the head, the anticipated output of Super Mario Odyssey.

According to sources close to Nintendo who have contacted the website Financial Times, Nintendo plans to increase production of Switch units, having gone from being about 10 million units sold at the end of this fiscal year to figures that now rise to 18-20 million in that period. However, the report now goes more beyond, placing a launch of Super Mario Odyssey in the month of November 2017.

In order to read the magazine you must have a subscription, but according to the article, the launch of Super Mario Odyssey would be foreseen just for the month of November. This information coincides with the statements some time ago from the house of Kyoto itself: Nintendo had in fact confirmed that the game would be published later this year.

At the moment, there are no certainties about it, yet we know that Super Mario Odyssey will be one of the flagship titles for the company in the occasion of the upcoming E3 2017 in Los Angeles, so it is very likely that the launch date of the game will be confirmed during the event.

We just have to wait until the event day to learn more.