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Rumor: Stefanie Joosten (Quiet) involved in Death Stranding, says “can’t comment”

From long time we have been chasing rumors about the possible presence of Stefanie Joosten (Quiet of Metal Gear Solid V) in Death Stranding, but the actress has never responded directly to these rumors, at least until now.

The Quiet of Metal Gear Solid V may appear in Death Stranding, and so far she has neither confirmed nor denied the fact.

How can we forget Stefanie Joosten for her portrayal of Quiet in the last chapter of Metal Gear Solid? Impossible, in fact, and then here that the idea of seeing her in Death Stranding may be just a pleasure.

During the Dutch Comic-Con 2017, Stefanie has participated in a panel to promote the independent film Rekindle, on this occasion she was asked whether she will work again with Hideo Kojima in the future. Her answer? “I can’t say anything about that, unfortunately, I’m sorry.”

In short, the actress strengthens the rumor that she would be involved in Death Stranding. Words that many interpret as a confirmation, although at the moment these are mere speculations.

It’s true that in recent weeks, Hideo Kojima wore a hat with the face of Stefanie Joosten and recently the actress has been spotted in the Netherlands in the corporate office of Guerrilla Games studio that is working with Kojima Productions development for the technical sector of Death Stranding.

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