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Rumor: Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic reboot is under development


According to rumors that emerged in Unseen64 and Did You Know Gaming, of Liam Robertson, BioWare Austin is working on the prototype of a new Knights of the Old Republic reboot title.

In a podcast episode, which is exclusive to Patreon subscribers, and later replicated in The Star Wars Game Outpost, Liam Robertson said the studio that created Star Wars: The Old Republic, the MMORPG, is working on a kind of Remake or return of Knights of the Old Republic.

“I don’t really know how that game’ll end up. I’ve heard that it isn’t exactly a remake anymore, but it started as a remake/revival. Now it’s kind of going from that blueprint in sort of its own original thing. I guess we’ll see what that turns out to be, but they are prototyping it right now,” commented Robertson.

Robertson did not reveal his source, but has a solid history bringing to light the cancellation of games that were in development; However, it should be taken into account that this is for now nothing more than a rumor, and later BioWare could confirm or refute this revelation.

Interestingly, we can remember that the main screenwriter of the first Knights of the Old Republic games, Drew Karpyshyn, and who returned a couple of years ago to BioWare, confirmed that he is working on a new project a few days ago, although he stated that he could not give more details about it.

Other titles of Star Wars that are confirmed in phase of production are Star Wars: Battlefront 2, as well as another title that will arrive from part of the creators of Titanfall, the studio of Respawn.

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