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Rumor: Resident Evil 7 could come to Nintendo Switch with a VR mode

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Recently the YouTuber OBE1Plays said in his YouTube channel that Capcom is making a port of Resident Evil 7 VR for Nintendo Switch.

The youtuber OBE1Player has launched through its YouTube channel a rumor in which he says that Capcom is preparing a version of Resident Evil 7 for Switch which will use the next Nintendo console as a virtual reality system. Although the virtual reality component is advertised as an exclusive for PlayStation 4 With its virtual reality system PlayStation VR, this exclusivity will be for one year.

Although everything seems to indicate that after the exclusivity of the console of Sony, the logical thing for the game would be to get to virtual reality systems for computer (ie, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive), or even to Project Scorpio of Microsoft as the rumor launched by OBE1Player ensures that Capcom is working on Switch.

Recall that Capcom confirmed that the VR functions will be exclusive to PlayStation VR for 12 months, so we would not see this virtual reality version of Resident Evil 7 until then if the rumor is confirmed. Alongside this, OBE1 also claims that the system’s ability to render images of VR, motion controls and low pixel count are making difficult the development of this port.

The game would be based on the use of the console as a virtual reality system following the newly emerging patent. However, according to this rumor, Capcom would be encountering some problems when rendering the world in a virtual reality environment with the console and even motion detection.

Resident Evil 7 will debut on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on 24 January. PS4 users can exclusively enjoy virtual reality features for a year.

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