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Rumor: Redout will release in October on Nintendo Switch

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The retail edition of Redout for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will arrive on August 31 in Europe while there is still no certainty about the version for Nintendo Switch, which might come out in the fall.

It seems that rumors a few weeks ago are likely to come to a standstill, as several retailers have modified the release date for the Nintendo Switch version of Redout by moving it in October.

The game will be released at the end of August on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and we thought that the talented 34BigThing Italian team would be able to include the Nintendo Switch edition in the production process, but things may go differently.

As emerged from the lists of some retailers such as Best Buy and GameStop USA, the release date of Redout is scheduled for October 24 on Nintendo Switch., however, indicates August 29 as the release date, the same as the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions in North America.

Speedy, spectacular, and engaging, Redout is a futuristic racing title, which is clearly inspired by WipEout.

At the moment it is not clear whether Redout for Nintendo Switch will be released on 31 August in Europe along with PS4 and Xbox One versions or if the title of 34BigThing will come to the Nintendo platform later, we are waiting for any official communications about it.