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Rumor: Project Scorpio will have a compact design

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As we have informed you earlier, Microsoft will reveal on Thursday to Digital Foundry the official details about Project Scorpio, the console that will start from the base of Xbox One and offer more power in terms of performance and graphics, because the 4K is assured. Following this announcement, the information comes in greater numbers and comes from different sources, one of them, Windows Central, has revealed some details in this regard.

According to Windows Central, a reliable source who visited Microsoft recently revealed that Project Scorpio is effectively scheduled to run 6 teraflops, in clear advantage of Xbox One and the 4.2 teraflops running on the PlayStation 4 Pro.

In terms of memory, Scorpio will work with 12GB of GDDR5, leaving aside the 8GB DDR3 and the type of ESRAM memory present in Xbox One. Although the developers will have to optimize on these specifications, starting from the base of Xbox One, that will be considered as the option of medium or low resolution.

The information obtained by Windows Central also indicates that the design of Project Scorpio will be compact thanks to the advances in the cooling systems, in addition to that Microsoft asked its division of design in hardware that concentrated its efforts in offering a console as impressive as possible.

Everything is ready for tomorrow to have the first official details of Project Scorpio.

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