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Rumor: Project Scorpio launches on October 13, 2017

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Yesterday, Microsoft released a series of teasers to promote the revelation of Project Scorpio at E3 2017. The campaign is named “Feel True Power”, and shows a series of images when the user interacts with the new console. Well, apparently, these clips have some hidden messages.

Microsoft has spent its pre-E3 time posting small teasers of its next update to the Xbox One, Project Scorpio – and some of these seem to contain hidden messages.

Now, in a video, a crowd appears during 5 seconds, where we can see the code X10S101-317. Here is the interesting thing, as it seems the code “X10S” could refer to the model or name of Project Scorpio, while “101317” would be the date the console will be available, that is, October 13, 2017; The date would fall on a Friday, the same day on which Xbox One debuted in 2013.

Obviously, all this should be taken as mere speculation, as Microsoft has not made any comment at the moment. Also, these so-called hidden messages might be indicating otherwise.

With just a few days to see the full revelation of the Scorpio at E3, we will surely find out if the supposed departure date was correct and that Microsoft will keep mocking Sony very soon.

No matter what the case, the truth is that very little is needed to know the truth, because Project Scorpio will be revealed this June 11, during the conference to be held by Microsoft in the framework of E3 2017.