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Rumor: Pokémon Stars of Nintendo Switch could have atleast 20 new creatures

In the past November came the rumor of Pokémon Stars, that could be the equivalent of Sun and Moon of what the third editions of the previous titles were to its major games, like Pokémon Yellow to Red and Blue or Crystal to Silver and Gold.

Laura Dale, who in recent weeks is offering rumors about the new Nintendo console, ensures that Pokémon Stars includes at least 20 new types of creature with respect to Sun and Moon. “I have heard 20+ new monsters being saved for Stars …  I honestly do not know if folk would be happy with that or not,” were the words of Dale.

Dale does not know how the fans will react to this version, because it will be the first time a major title is released on two different consoles.

As we have discussed in the first rumor, game development would be carried out by Game Freak, the creators of the series of Pokemon Sun and Moon. Among other details would also confirm the exchange of creatures between Sun, Moon and Stars thanks to the application of the Pokémon Bank.

The map will be exactly the same, as well as the artistic design, but all elements of the game, like textures, are displayed in high resolution.

The title was scheduled for summer 2017, although its launch seems to have been delayed until well advanced next year.

Pokémon Sun and Moon is already available in the market. For its part, Nintendo Switch is scheduled for release in March 2017.

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