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Rumor: PlayStation UK Hinting at a State of Play


With so much information coming up on The Last of Us Part II next week, we can certainly assume that a new State of Play might be scheduled to arrive soon.

We are now used to all kinds of cryptic messages launched by video game companies on their social media profiles, and PlayStation UK seems to have just joined the long list of those who use them.

From the Twitter account of the English division of PlayStation, a message has arrived in fact, to say the least mysterious, which seems to herald, in its simplicity, the imminence of great news.

In the tweet below you can see a finger pressing on a button generating a sound emulated by the “beep”, without any further messages.

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It could be a simple irony or a nice post for followers, but it’s worth remembering that the State of Play starts with the PS4 power-up sound.

Making a quick connection, therefore, we can imagine that the sense of the tweet is really to anticipate a new appointment of the PlayStation Direct of Sony.

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