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Rumor: Nintendo Switch will have support of GameCube Virtual console

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As reported by, along with Nintendo Switch also comes GameCube games on the Virtual Console. The magazine has claimed to have received the rumor from three different sources believed to be reliable.


The Virtual Console of Switch, the next Nintendo console, could also include GameCube games. To reveal it is Tom Phillips of, citing three unnamed sources. By tweet launched at this time it seems that at least one title is already ready and the team at work is already looking beyond.

Also another insider of the Nintendo World, Emily Rogers, has said that she is “feeling” good things for the Virtual Console of Switch. It might refer their emulation of Nintendo GameCube games on the infant system.

Apparently, the operation of the GameCube games on Switch is already in the testing phase, the time it would be three fully functioning titles, that is Luigi’s Mansion, Super Smash Bros. Melee and Super Mario Sunshine. Switch should present a Virtual Console completely renovated, developed by Nintendo European Research and Development (NERD), the same team who worked on the interface and emulation of Nintendo NES Classic Mini.

Finally, it seems that Animal Crossing for GameCube is in the testing phase, in this case the challenge would be to be able to spin the NES titles included in the game.

As usual, we invite you to take this news as a rumor. There is currently no certainty that Nintendo is working on an emulation of GameCube games on Switch. We will update you as soon as there will be official information about it.

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