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Rumor: Nintendo Switch is more powerful than Xbox One


Yet again new rumor comes for Switch, the hybrid console of Nintendo of which we do not know very much. The new rumors come from China, and bring a lot of interesting information about its hardware features, on the dock and more.


Recently, a post on Reddit has been published, where new details on Nintendo Switch is given. According to the deep research, not only the console would be more powerful than Xbox One, but contrary to what it is assumed to date, the resolution of the touchscreen multi-touch would be to 1080p, or Full HD.

A Reddit user, wyk126, has translated and reported the statements of fj8885, a self-styled worker at Foxcon, factory in Yantai, where the production of the console would be happening.

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He has revealed several details to the aforementioned source: apparently, the hardware of Switch would be more powerful than Xbox One, whereas, hypothetically, the console will mount a CPU of ARM A73 Pascal and a GPU to 921mhz; while the console would derive no boost from the dock, equipped, among other things, a USB 3.0 port, a 2.0 and a HDMI input. The console screen, however, will present a resolution to 1080p multi-touch, but it would be too dim.

The IP address of the post is actually from Yantai, then the source could be reliable. Despite this, all the information is not officially confirmed, so we expect Nintendo to make a final clarity on the issue.

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Nintendo Switch will debut in March 2017.

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