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Rumor: Nintendo Switch can be charged on the move and will support the stylus

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New rumors of Nintendo Switch emerge from the pages of Segment Next, the site has in fact carefully analyzed the first trailer of the console, discovering some details that might have gone undetected.


According to the findings, in the airport scene you see a player who holds Switch with the latter apparently connected to a power cord, even if the site has announced that it could be the headphone cable into reality. Finally, according to Segment Next, the console also would host a slot to store the stylus, similar to what happened on the Nintendo 3DS.

These rumors have not been confirmed at the time and they do not find specific findings with other insiders, we encourage you to take this news with proper precautions.

The launch of the new console of Nintendo Switch is currently scheduled for March 2017 and will not be officially announced until the Nintendo conference scheduled in January. According to rumors, however, the new Nintendo console would be launched on 17 March.

Nintendo Switch is equipped with a multi-touch touchscreen of 6.2-inch screen that is very similar to that you would find on smartphones and high-end tablet.

In recent news, Capcom is currently planning what games to develop for the Nintendo Switch, but indicated that there is the possibility to bring their games of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One to the new console whose technical specifications and more information will be released only in January.

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