Rumor: Nintendo NX Reveal Coming This Week Via Nintendo Direct

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The rumors of Nintendo NX is now chasing for months, and after the rumors that gave the news on the presentation of the new console in October, here comes another one with a further clue. According to the youtuber SuperMetalDave64, NX will be presented on 20 or 21 September via Nintendo Direct, and the announcement of the event could be just on the 20th, coinciding with the end of the embargo for developers.

Nintendo NX

Nintendo had already pointed out “March 2017” as a target for the launch of its new dedicated video game system, NX, as we know, that will get the new The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild as the main title for the launch.

The latest rumors speak of a presentation of NX in Nintendo Direct, which could take place on 21 or 22 September with an announcement on September 20.

While it is not officially announced for the Nintendo Direct dedicated to NX, all we can do is play with the rumors and loose bits of information. Recently more reports was identified, this one, however, quite legitimate from official sources from Nintendo, and regarding the release date of amiibo line dedicated to the new Zelda.

As stated previously, according to Nintendo UK and Nintendo France, the new line of Zelda figurines are scheduled for release on March 4, 2017. The date has since been removed and replaced only by “2017”, but of course, it was not fast enough for users of Reddit and NeoGAF to notice this information.

Although the rumors are not yet confirmed, it seems that the presentation of Nintendo NX is getting closer.


  • SuperMetalDave64 is not a “Nintendo insider”, he has never claimed to be one either.
    He is just a great youtuber who pays attention.

    He is reporting on rumors he hears online.

    This is not insider information.
    Who ever wrote this seems to be confused.

    But SuperMetalDave64 is a great Youtuber I just don’t like to hear things written incorrectly about him.
    Because if this rumor he reported on turns out to be wrong I would hate to see anyone attack him.

    But I do hope the NX is launched soon its been a very long wait!

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