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Rumor: New Assassin’s Creed (Origins) first Trailer could be revealed today

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Ubisoft shared a couple of days ago information about their new projects, among which there is a new installment of Assassin’s Creed. The company has confirmed that the title will debut before March 31, 2018, so it is almost certain that we will know more about the game in this E3 2017. Even before the official announcement of this new title of the series, several rumors have appeared, as well as a supposed screenshot of the game.

Now, after Ubisoft confirmed the development of the game, more rumors appeared that indicate that the first trailer of the title would be revealed today on 19 May. The leaked information comes from various Reddit  users. Here is a list of the most relevant data:

• First Trailer on Friday, will be reveal trailer
• First gameplay at E3 + a CGI trailer
• Charlotte will be the MD protagonist
• “Balek -> Rift”, ” Shed -> MC”
• “Desmond will be in the game – maybe not the way you would imagine”
• Greece was cut off from the game
• The story has 11 sequences, will last around 20 hours
• The map is 3 times the size of Black Flag, will have Egypt + Mediterranean Sea
• “Assassin´s Creed: Origins” is the official title of the new game.
• The game will take place in Roman Egypt, we will have smaller rifts that take place “way before that”
• The rifts are going to be comparable to the one in Syndicate and will be “closed” open worlds.
• The main campaign takes place in “100/200 AD Roman Egypt”
• The combat is “a slightly better version of Witcher 3”, will be way more tactical than previous AC titles. “5% old animations – 95% new animations.”
• Parkour is really smooth. Compared to other the AC games will be “AWESOME!”
• Graphically the game will be “Really good, but not as good as Horizon e.g.”
• There will be sailing
• Gameplay mechanics will be closer to Unity
• When asked about Juno the leaker repeats “expect the unexpected”
• “Baled” and “Shed” have something in common
• The leaker can’t confirm all of the things in the 4chan leak, “but maybe some things changed over the development process”
• Release date is set for 10/31/17
• There are 2 main characters, but not in the same way as Syndicate. Maybe refers to a historical and modern day protagonists or 2 historical characters from different eras.
• “Leaker” really likes the story, says it will potentially blow our minds and again repeats to expect the unexpected
• Can’t reveal any information about his identity
• Reveal trailer will show setting, short modern day look, character is introduced
• The cities take around 40% of the game world, the biggest city will be like Rome in AC Brotherhood
• There will be a rift during the Napoleonic wars, but we won’t play as Arno
• The combat system is all about the parry mechanism
• Modern Day will play like AC III, but will be larger and more interactive. In terms of hours it will be around 10% of the main story.
• “A second game in Greece is fix. Soft Reboot fits pretty good here – Prepare to see some old faces”
• When asked about tomb exploration leaker says it will be even better than Brotherhood and Revelations.
• Outfit customization is pretty much like in Unity.
• Trilogy still isn’t confirmed.
• Charlotte will have new assassins surrounding her as a team
• Leaker claims he’s aware of 4 rifts at the moment.
• Pet eagle confirmed? ” 😉 ”
• Can’t say anything about side activities, leaker’s priorities were story, combat and stealth mechanics
• Again mentions that combat is Witcher 3-like, but slightly better and more impactful
• There will be no wallrunning in the game
• Say there will be 1 male and 1 female character as protagonists.
• There will be NPCs we can recruit like in previous titles.
• “Is eagle vision still in the game or is it this eagle mechanic taking over?” Answer: “It is in the game, but…”
• Says there are “Some questionmarks about the time and place of the 3rd game of the “trilogy” “, which is apparently why it isn’t confirmed to be a trilogy yet.
• Says there will be stronger story elements of The Ones Who Came Before/Isu
• Movement will be more fluent than before, no “movement enhancements” like hookblade or rope launcher
• Alexandria will be one of the cities we can visit
• We won’t be able to pet animals
• Again repeats that there will be 11 sequences, 20-hour main story with around 10% modern day
• “It was kind of hard to do “good for parkour” in cities but yeah, in a way there are!” (when asked if the cities will be good for parkour or just the tombs)
• Collectibles will be a mix of story/lore related and collectibles for the sake of collectibles
• Leaker says the soundtrack reminds them of the “good old days, remember AC II?”
• Greater mission variety, leaker says they enjoyed it
• Game is newcomer friendly, but the “Modern Day is not that easy for newcomers.. But a pretty good way I would say”
• New combat engine, says we will love it
• 3 skill trees and 5 different types of weapons
• When asked to mention a historical character leaker says Antonius Pius
• We will get to see the “origins” of the Assassin/Templar conflict
• When asked about a better healing mechanic: “Better? Don´t know Way more realistic? Yes!”
• No British accents
• Can we recruit assassins again? “Mh.. kind of”
• Boat gameplay is really easy and smooth, only 1 button and the stick are needed
• Classic version of the hidden blade and we’ll only be able to use a single blade
• Leaker says he’d love to have Jesper Kyd back

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