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Rumor: Mother 3 will arrive on Nintendo Switch Virtual Console in Q2 2017

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According to Laura Kate Dale (yes, her again), a source confirmed that Mother 3 will be released on the Virtual Console of Nintendo Switch in the second quarter of this year. She also ensures that there will be one of the ads for the game to be held on January 12th when more details will be disclosed about this platform.

Originally, the rumor about Mother 3 on the Virtual Console came from Emily Rogers, and certainly applied to Wii U. However, after she broke the news, it was learned that an employee of Nintendo of America had lost his job for leaking this information. Then, not revealing anything related, it was thought that everything had been a lie. But again this rumor resurfaces with Nintendo Switch.

Once again, we remind you that this is a rumor, but the positive side is that we would be missing something more than 10 days to be able to check if Mother 3 will run through the Switch circuits, or not.

As you can read, the tweet refers to the second quarter of 2017, which means that we will see Mother 3 between April and June. As long as this rumor is true, of course.

We’ll know in a few days, but to me in particular I would like that Mother 3 was not limited to the Virtual Console of Nintendo Switch. Especially because the console of Wii U is quite capable of playing Game Boy Advance games, as has been proven time and again. I wish it was a launch for both platforms and it would be announced soon.

If you really think this news is true, Mother 3 will for the first time officially come to the West after a delay of more than a decade.