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Rumor: Kingdom Hearts 3 launches 2018 with ‘cuts’; Trailer to be shown at E3 2017

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According to the social media manager of Lost Soul Aside, a Chinese indie game that is part of the China Hero Project of Sony, Kingdom Hearts 3 will be released in 2018 and will be shown with a new trailer at E3.

According to the rumors that are circulating on the web today, Kingdom Hearts III will return to show at E3 2017 in June with a new trailer.

According to rumor fueled by a social media manager on Twitter, the same trailer was supposed to make its debut in April, only to have been hijacked for the Los Angeles fair, perhaps for greater visibility.

In any case, according to this “trusted source” that cannot be verified today, Square Enix would be having “problems in the development” and the game would come out in 2018 with a few “cuts” to avoid further delay.

In a second tweet, it is told that the information comes from a source “apparently” reliable, and which coincides with information already known to them.

However, we invite you to take this news with a pinch of salt, since, again, still now there is no possibility to confirm or deny the veracity of these rumors.

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