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Rumor: Game Freak Could Make Next Pokemon Game As “Disruptive” As BOTW and Mario

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Game Freak, the studio responsible for the Pokémon saga, could seek to introduce disruptive elements in the near future of the series following the success of the games of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey.

According to rumors collected by Easy Allies, the company would be thinking about how to reproduce the success of the latest releases of Nintendo.

“Gamefreak was very nervous about doing any kind of radical departure for Pokemon, they sell so well why would you mess with that? Apparently, Breath of the Wild’s reception and the reaction to Mario at E3 was so overwhelmingly positive that it convinced them that they need to make the next Pokemon game as disruptive as those two games were. That it’s going to be as big of an innovation as those two games were,” was the statement made in the video below.

At Game Freak they believe that the fact that both sagas have introduced new elements with respect to the previous installments altering the conceptions of both series could have been fundamental to the success of these games.

It is not clear if these supposed ideas of renewal will be introduced already in the next title already underway of the main saga for Nintendo Switch or if rather they will work in a new different project with which to experiment.

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