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Rumor: Far Cry 5 will be a ‘Spaghetti Western’ due to release in September 2017

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New speculation emerges about Far Cry 5, title appeared a few days ago in the list of large retailers, although it has not yet been officially announced by the publisher. Some clues seem to suggest the presence of an environment of Spaghetti Western.

In recent days a troupe was spotted in Montana, initially it was thought that the squad in question was on location to shoot a trailer in live action of Red Dead Redemption 2, however, recently, however has emerged the presence of Jeff Guillot, producer who in the past has already collaborated with Ubisoft in the production of numerous videos for other episodes of Far Cry.

The same Guillot himself spoke about shooting a sequel to an existing and very popular franchise, whose next episode will arrive in September. Among the scenes shot there is a sequence in which a man fights against a rival near a railway with a train coming at full speed. Also in this case, it was immediately thought of RDR 2 but Jason Schreier of Kotaku intervened on NeoGAF to confirm the hypothesis of Far Cry.

It should be noted that the hypothesis of a Far Cry set in the Western era had already been suggested by Ubisoft in a survey, but according to other rumor the game in question would not be Far Cry 5 but a new Call of Juarez.

The situation is not clear but it seems that this mysterious project can be announced at E3 2017 in Los Angeles, so we are waiting to get more information about it.

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