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Rumor: Far Cry 5 Story and Settings Revealed

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A new rumor emerges about the possible setting and the storyline of Far Cry 5, title announced by Ubisoft last week and that we’ll see at E3 in Los Angeles. The rumors come from a Reddit user who claims to have attended last year a focus group company held by the publisher.

New rumors about the possible setting of Far Cry 5 and the chance to live an adventure in the Far West has been revealed. A Reddit user has confirmed that he attended a meeting dedicated to the Far Cry 5 project, during which there was some information about the scenarios in the game.

The user in question made it known that during his meeting the name Far Cry was never mentioned directly, however the details would lead to thinking of the new episode of the series: in particular, we talk about a town in Montana inhabited exclusively by members of a religious sect, the setting would therefore be mostly mountainous.

The weapons available will be those of today, like the media to the characters available. Another detail: the protagonist would find himself in a fairly isolated town, where all the inhabitants are members of a religious sect who are preparing for the end of the world in a very special way. The aim of the player would be to get out alive and, we presume, put an end to this dangerous cult.

As usual, we invite you to take these rumors with proper precautions, recently it seems that a team has registered a trailer in live action in Montana, near a church. Whether this is the main setting of Far Cry 5? We’ll find out in the coming weeks.