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Rumor: Devil May Cry 5 and Soul Calibur VI Will Be Announced at PSX 2017

According to a rumor published on Reddit, coming from the same insider who anticipated the arrival of Injustice 2 Fighter Pack 3, Devil May Cry 5 and Soul Calibur VI will be announced during the PlayStation Experience 2017 scheduled for December 9th.

The insider seems to be also aware of the following details about the games:

Devil May Cry 5: The game will be announced during PlayStation Experience 2017. According to sources close to the insider, Dante, Vergil, and Black will be present as playable characters. It is unclear whether this feature will be confirmed during the conference.

Soul Calibur VI: The insider was informed that Soul Calibur VI will be announced within the year for PC, PS4 and Nintendo Switch. At the moment there is no mention of the Xbox One version, and according to a credible source, the game will be unveiled at PlayStation Experience 2017. The Switch edition, on the other hand, could be confirmed in January during a Nintendo Direct, along with the inclusion of Link among the roster characters.

Since this is a simple rumor, we invite you to take the news with a pinch of salt waiting for some official confirmations (or denials). Since we are talking about the same insider who successfully anticipated the latest DLC of Injustice 2, however, rumors about Devil May Cry 5 and Soul Calibur VI deserve to be kept in mind.

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