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Rumor: Destiny 2 will hit PC

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It’s official, Bungie is working on Destiny 2, however, doubts invade the fans, as the studio continues to keep the details to minimum. This time, a rumor is present and suggests that the title will arrive on PC.

The streamer Sensnowy has posted on his Twitter profile an image that shows his receipt of purchase in GameStop, where we can see that he had preordered the limited edition of Destiny 2 for PC. Obviously, this could be a mistake on the part of the store, but this feeds the rumors of watching the game on PC.

And if that was not enough, the German online store Instant Games has at the moment with presales of Destiny 2 for PC. Distribution companies often do not offer unconfirmed titles, which supports the idea of ​​watching the game on PC. There are no precise details about the requirements, and the ones on the page shows only as placeholders.

Also, remember that it is very likely that Destiny 2 comes to PC. In August of 2015, Bungie began to hire designers for PC and from 2013 the studio showed its interest to take the title off the consoles.

On the other hand, some sources suggest that Xbox One will also have a Beta of Destiny 2, although it would come after the version for PlayStation 4. We must remember that all these are rumors, and that it will be necessary to wait for official information on the part of the company.

Based on the leaks, Destiny 2 could arrive on September 8. It is likely that after the announcement of the first official image of the game, we will see more details soon.

You will also get more details in the Arekkz video shown below.