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Rumor: Darksiders for Nintendo Switch Coming Soon

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The Darksiders franchise has earned a legion of fans who were amazed after enjoying the first 2 titles, which reached consoles of previous and current generation. There is no denying that the adventures of the apocalypse riders are a proposal that all users would like to enjoy on their consoles and although today this is possible in most, the users of Nintendo Switch have not been able to do so, however, that could change in any moment.

The hype of Nintendo Switch users regarding the possibility that some of the titles coming to the hybrid console were caused by an answer given by the franchise’s official accounts and THQ Nordic. It all started when the official account of the game on Twitter joined the trend of putting corresponding images with 2009 and 2019, highlighting both War rider in the trailers of Darksiders and Darksiders III respectively, signaling the expectation for their future.

The publication was commented by a user of the social network, who suggested that that future could contemplate the arrival of the first title to Switch and the official account of the series answered: “Perhaps”.

The response of the account was interpreted by the users of the hybrid console as a hint about a possible release of the game on Nintendo Switch and the hype was raised when the official account of THQ Nordic responded to the publication with a scolding for the franchise account, to which it responded that “We did not start the Apocalypse early, nor did we prematurely talk about an upcoming game!.”

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Of course, everything was a joke, but the between accounts was considered a nod by those responsible for the series before a likely announcement related to the arrival of the first game on Switch.

Precisely, Darksiders: Warmastered Edition debuted on Wii U in 2017 and there are opinions that consider it would not be unusual for it to also appear in the Switch catalog.

Would you like the first title of the franchise to reach the hybrid console?