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Rumor: Cyberpunk 2077 to feature Flying Vehicles

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Thanks to a user of NeoGAF we now have a few crumbs of information related to Cyberpunk 2077, the most anticipated title of CD Projekt Red which, it seems, to have flying vehicles.

Nirolak, a user of NeoGAF, realized that the Polish study had a vacancy for a gameplay programmer who would have to join its studio in Warsaw. However, the most interesting thing is that this person would help with game design and level design, specifically “in creating the whole architecture of vehicle related code, and the physics of driving/flying in those vehicles.”

Entering the realm of speculation, this would mean that Cyberpunk 2077 will have some sort of gameplay related to driving and flying. Although we must also add that this may be an idea that is just coming to fruition, so we can not guarantee anything.

The truth is that because of the fiction of the game, it is possible that this is true. Also, remember that the trailer of Cyberpunk 2077 allows us to see a flying patrol police, and although it is a CG video, the aim of these developments is to reveal some features that will be present in games.

But that’s not all, as it seems that CD Projekt Red is planning an aggressive expansion. According to a list of game designer, the studio located in Krakow that operates independently, but works closely with Warsaw, aims to double or even triple in size in the short term, all to help the development of Cyberpunk 2077.

According to the CD Projekt Red website, the Krakow studio currently has 30 employees, which means it would grow to 60 or 90 people in the coming months.

In related information, recently the studio mentioned that Cyberpunk 2077 will be the most ambitious title they have developed. In addition, it was reported that there will be a bigger team working on this new title than in The Witcher: Wild Hunt.