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Rumor: Black Desert Online coming to Xbox One and Project Scorpio

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Since Pearl Abyss introduced their proposed MMORPG Black Desert Online, it has been a long time in which its arrival to consoles has been in the air. After unveiling the possibility that Black Desert Online could see the light on consoles, there has been no official confirmation of this fact.

But through Twitter account, it would have been discovered that the studio responsible for this multiplayer experience would get this project to the Microsoft platform. In fact, as it has been announced through an update on the Facebook page, the game would arrive on both Xbox One and Project Scorpio.

For now, this news comes willingly for Xbox users who want to be part of one of the most ambitious proposals within this genre. Of course there would still be many aspects to be revealed, where you have to wait for the studio to decide whether to follow the quota model to play or adapt to the requirements of consoles like games such as The Elder Scroll Online.

Currently, proposals that have been published on consoles have evaded this system of subscription, where Black Desert Online should clarify which business model you want to exploit. Black Desert Online is a very diverse and complex proposal, which has an imposing catalog of characters divided into classes, to tackle endless adventures in a fantastic world of great dimensions.

For now, everything indicates that the decision of Pearl Abyss would already be taken and that Black Desert Online would arrive the same way to Xbox One and Project Scorpio. This is great news, although it can not be counted as an official announcement, waiting for its confirmation by the studio.