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Rugby 24 Now has an Official Release Date

All rugby fans who have been desperate to finally play as their heroes on the virtual pitch can now breathe a collective sigh of relief as Rugby 24 now has an official release date. 

The teams behind the game – NACON and Big Ant Studios – have now confirmed the highly anticipated game will be released on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC on January 30, 2024.

A Change of Launch Plans

Rugby 24 – which will allow gamers and fans alike to play their own Rugby Union World Cup, as well as complete a career mode, enjoy multiplayer modes and complete seasons across all the major rugby union championships – was originally meant to launch alongside the recent Rugby World Cup in France. However, the studios involved had several reasons to justify the delays.

According to a news post from RugbyPass – who reported on the delay as it was first announced – the core issue was that the studios simply needed more time to ensure all the content created was up to the right standard. The official statement was:

“Ever since we began developing the game Rugby 24, our goal has been to create the best simulation and most complete game possible. The team has been working hard to adjust the gameplay, represent the sport as accurately as possible and integrate all the officially licensed teams, which include over 130 countries and 15 leagues.

“With this massive expansion in content, the development of the game has taken more time than we originally planned, and we have also had difficulty gaining access to some of the top teams’ players to capture 3D photos (photogrammetry) prior to the World Cup. As we want to bring the most authentic and complete rugby game to date, we have taken the difficult decision to push back the Rugby 24 release date to 30 January 2024, on the eve of the Six Nations tournament. This extra time will also aid development and allow us to further enhance gameplay.

“While it is truly heartbreaking to miss the Rugby World Cup, we are convinced that this is the right decision, one that will enable you to experience your passion in a great game. Thank you for your understanding, patience, and support. See you soon with more information about Rugby 24.”

Pre-orders are available now

Although this was a disappointing outcome for many rugby fans, the positive to take away is that there is a firm release date now in place. What’s more, Rugby 24 is also now available for pre-order from most major outlets, including the likes of GAME and Amazon.

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