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RPG Time: The Legend of Wright Coming to PC, Xbox One & Mobile in 2020


In its E3 2019 conference, Microsoft presented a surprising and new project. Its name is RPG Time: The Legend of Wright and seeks to attract the attention of many players with a fresh and original proposal.

From what was seen in the preview, The Legend of Wright will be a game in which fans will enter a world that seems to be taken from a child’s notebook. In it, you will travel through illustrated worlds to live epic adventures.

According to Microsoft, the game will release sometime in 2020. You can see more about it in its first preview below:

The Legend of Wright is a hand-drawn indie RPG that will be launched on Xbox One, PC and Mobile in the spring of 2020, announced at yesterday’s E3 press conference. The game is in development at Desk Works.

Check the description of the game below:

School’s out! Meet us in an empty classroom for a grand adventure with a young aspiring game developer and his very own RPG. You’re sure to be dazzled by his hand-drawn creations as you journey into the surprising and magical world of imagination! Forget about homework! Come play “RPG Time: The Legend of Wright” with us!

What do you think about it? Does this project call your attention? Tell us in the comments.

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