Rocksteady Studios Teases Its Next Unannounced Game Through A Motion Capture Image

The development team responsible for the Batman: Arkham series has released a new tweet that opens up new possibilities.

Rocksteady Studios Batman

Many are waiting for a new title of Rocksteady, the studio that has worked on the acclaimed Batman Arkham series that would have been involved in a new project for some time.

After the release of Batman: Arkham Knight, players are expecting a new game from the company and, according to reports, the Rocksteady team has decided to update their fans by posting a photo on Twitter that shows the studio involved in the phases of motion capture.

Rocksteady, the studio behind the Batman Arkham series, has updated its fans with a new image depicting a phase of motion capture. Naturally, the software house is working on its next unannounced project: can we possibly get some clues out of it?

As you can see in the tweet reported at the bottom of the news, the studio has published a new photo taken during the works on the set. What we can see is a motion capture phase of the new game that the studio is working on, whose last project was Batman Arkham Knight.

Although the identity of the project is still unknown, in an interview last October, the studio had assured that their new game would surprise the players.

What do you think this unannounced game might be? Let us know about your opinions in the comments below.

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  • I personally think it will be a Justice League game. They said it was a game that will blow our mind, I think a game featuring the JL as playable characters (that’s not LEGO) would be pretty amazing. Also, Kevin Conroy (voice of Batman in the Arkham series) has been reportedly involved in this new game but when asked he said it wasn’t a Batman game, but he didn’t say there would be no Batman in the game. Not to mention, the picture of the mocap crew has 8 people, one of which is a female, so we could have Batman, Superman, Aquaman, Green Lantern, Flash, Arrow (based on the last guy on top’s pose), Wonder Woman, and Cyborg.

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