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Rumor: Rocksteady’s Superman Game Could Be Announced At Microsoft’s E3 2018

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A few weeks ago we heard some rumors about the Superman game of Rocksteady for this generation. The rumors do not stop and new information arrives on the possibilities of this hero of DC. The supposed Superman game developed by Rocksteady, from Batman: Arkham, could be announced at the Microsoft conference at E3 2018.

According to an alleged leak on 4chan, Rocksteady is not only working on an open world Superman title, but fans will not have to wait long to see it for the first time. The post states that the game will be officially revealed this weekend, at E3 of 2018.

All these speculations, in addition, as revealed by Game Informer, lead to think that the game would make its debut at the Microsoft conference at E3. The presentation will include an advance and a gameplay video will be shown that will run on the company’s beast, Xbox One X. The gameplay will show Superman in combat both on land and in the air, fighting Brainiacs drones across the length and breadth of Metropolis.

According to previous rumors, the trailer will show us one of the hero’s eternal rivals, Brainiac, in his invasion of Earth. The battle will get Superman to weaken, probably in an attempt by the developers to eliminate such a powerful character for the purposes of the game in which we would have to work on the skills.

A website has also appeared to promote this supposed Rocksteady title. The page,, is currently inactive, and the leak says it will be activated shortly after the announcement of the game. According to the domain tools of the websites, it has not been updated since February of this year.

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