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Rocksteady is working on a game dedicated to Superman?

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Rocksteady is currently working on a video game dedicated to Superman? And this is the rumor that was circulating in these hours, spread on Reddit by the user TheLeakguin.

Insider seems to be well informed about this mysterious project: “Rocksteady started work on a Superman game but have run into many issues. Superman had to be depowered for part of the game and even at maximum strength they had him be much weaker than he normally is (there are skins that make him unstoppable). The plot saw him facing off against magical foes, as well as familiar faces like Lex Luthor and Metallo that would utilize Kryptonite. There was also a challenge mode, much like in the Arkham games. The plan was to announce this game at the Video Game Awards this year but that fell apart.”

“The coolest part about this project are the collectible skins. Each skin determines his move set and his weaknesses. The more powerful incarnations of Superman are harder to obtain, obviously. All of the movie incarnations of Superman are in as well as many of the comic versions. You can also play as Cyborg Superman, Zod, and even Nuclear Man from the God-awful Superman IV film (easter egg skin).”

During an AMA session on Reddit, Sefton Hill from Rocksteady has confirmed that the studio is developing a new project not related to Batman, but did not disclose further details. Whether Superman is the protagonist of the next game of the English team? We will probably find out in the course of 2017.