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Rockstar reveals a Second Red Dead Redemption Teaser on Twitter

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Rockstar Games returned to thrill all its fans with a new image on their social network confirming that the teaser shown yesterday was related to Red Dead Redemption; although the company has not issued any statement, it seems that soon we will know if we will get a second installment of Red Dead Redemption or something.


The new Red Dead Redemption is not yet official but at this point the announcement seems to be a mere formality. The developer Rockstar Games has released a few minutes ago on their social networks a new image clearly dedicated to the franchise in which we can see seven figures walking into the sunset.

Without a word, the image shows us a red sunset in which 7 different characters with clear outfits of the Wild West are observed. This new teaser appeared in the accounts of Facebook and Twitter of the developement company. Check out the new image below:

Yesterday, Rockstar published on their social networks an image with red and the logo of the company, which soon became associated with the franchise of Red Dead Redemption. However it is unclear whether it is a sequel, as there is also the possibility that the announcement will be relative to a remastering of the original game for the current generation.

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