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Rocket League Second DLC pack already in the works now after Supersonic Fury download

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Rocket League gets a new DLC with ample of customization and new content. The DLC was announced after the first Supersonic Fury content. This was the first paid DLC that is going to come this month and it will cost around $3.99. You can get the same through PlayStation store and through Steam as well. Before the DLC reached players, the game developer has already announced a second DLC that would be offering a lot of new content for this game. Rocket League is a popular game that is based on soccer racing type gameplay. It lets you to control and customize a variety of vehicle. As per some news sources the second DLC will be bringing up new exclusive vehicles in this game. These exclusive vehicles will be the Dominus which is a muscle car and the second one is Takumi which is a kind of Japanese street racer.

Rocket League Pics
Rocket League Pics

With these new exclusive vehicles there are also more new things coming to Rocket League. Like for example in the customization section you get a lot of new stuffs to do with the vehicles. You can modify the same, change the pain, add rocket boost, modify wheels and share steam achievements.  So the game is going to be more impressive with the new content. The game is also going to have a spectator mode that many were asking before. This would help some players to participate and check the match in real-time mode. The upcoming DLC patch is going to activate all this kind of features in Rocket League.