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Rocket League retail version confirmed for PC and Gaming Consoles

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Psyonix recently said that a retail version of Rocket League is in forecast, following strong sales of the game in dematerialized format.

Rocket League Pics
Rocket League Pics

Released in the summer of 2015 on PC and PS4, Rocket League recently returned to the center of the stage with the launch of the game on Xbox One a few days ago. This racing game mixed with football has attracted many players, so much so that the title has cumulative sales since its initial launch.

Jeremy Dunham, developing within the studio of Psyonix, freshly revealed that Rocket League will soon benefit from a launch in physical format, allowing refractory to video games players in digital format to test this very good competitive gameplay.

For now, Dunham refused to provide more details about this version of the game, so there is currently no release date or price to be determined.

However, it is clear that Rocket League now has more than 4 million copies sold, excluding PlayStation Plus subscribers who could download it for free. According to information from Steamspy, the PC version alone accounts for 2.7 million passed games.