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Rocket League Patch 1.05 download available now PC and PS4

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Rocket League Patch 1.05 download is finally available for download on PC and for PS4. The patch brings up some new features and fixes that would help players to get a more stable gameplay. The patch is going to add a new spectator mode in the game. That will let players to get lot more better vision over the entire ground. Also some new tweaks are added.

Rocket League Pics
Rocket League Pics

Rocket League 1.05 patch logs are pretty long so we had added a link below. You can read the details there. Under new content you get a lot of new community flags in the game. With this, there are also new features like an online gameplay. There is a feature called as Find New Match in this new patch. And PC players will now have an option to filter PS4 players in the matchmaking search.


  • Online Play
  • Added “Find New Match” option to Ranked endgame screen
  • PC Players can now filter PlayStation 4 players out of matchmaking search

Ranked Season

  • Season 1 has officially begun and all leader boards have been reset
  • The “Solo Standard” 3v3 Ranked Playlist has been re-added
  • Season Rankings are now based on Rank Points (RP)
  • Ranked Divisions are now separated into – Unranked, Bronze I, Bronze II, Bronze III, Silver I, Silver II,     Silver III, Gold I, Gold II, Gold III, Platinum (Top 100 Players).
  • Reaching Silver, Gold, or Platinum division rewards players with special reward items at the Season’s end
  • Note: Season 1 will last for the next several months. An end date will be announced several weeks in advance
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  • Added Music Player interface to all menu screens
  • Added “Featured Video” to in-game blog roll
  • Added “Video Games” sub-section to Garage Items/ Antennas
  • Spectate Mode: Added persistent nameplate that shows username and stats for all players
  • Spectate Mode: Added the ability to focus on the ball while in Flycam
  • (PC) Spectate Mode: Controls now support hotkeys for camera switching between players or free cam

Read the whole Rocket League Patch 1.05 changelogs from here.

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