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Rocket League Patch 1.03 download available on PC and PS4

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Rocket League Patch 1.03 is now available for download on PS4 and PC. After the game release within few months it has got amazing popularity. The developer is regularly working on patches and new updates to keep the game more stable and better this time. This new patch brought many fixes and enhancements for the game. The patch is also going to add a new feature called Quick Chat. You can now use commands to chat with others and this works between PC and PS4 quite nicely.  With this there are some new additions in the game as well. The new addition includes a rotating light on Cherry Top. It was announced on Twitter by the developer and they had added this single enhancement for Cherry Top. The next thing it has is Propeller head that is now having a rotating blade. For the online version the patch offers some fixes in the AI Bot skill levels. You can now simply adjust the average skill level of players. This was not available before.

Rocket League Pics
Rocket League Pics

Also if any player is currently in the game and abandons it then he will be banned from matchmaking. He can rejoin after 15 minutes of wait time. The patch will also put Mouse Sensitivity adjustment in the option menu and more resolutions in the game. If you are playing the free play part then you can have unlimited Rocket Boost in it. For bugs the game is not having much higher changes. But enough to give you stable output with minimum crashes. The patch also removes the issues of invisible car in Rocket League game.

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Checkout Rocket League Patch Notes v1.03 from official website here.