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Rocket League Paid and Free DLC download available this month

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Rocket League finally comes on PS4 and this game is having really huge upcoming plans. The game offers you an open platform to deal with various competitors around the globe. The game brings up a lot more impressive gameplay with little extra stuff. It is the sequel that is more improved this time.

Rocket League Pics
Rocket League Pics

Rocket League will be free for those who have PlayStation Plus membership. The game offers you few upgrades in the battle cars like rocket support. You can take advantage of the upgrade and win over others. Being a cross platform game it works well on various platform and players can compete with each other through dedicated servers. As per the official PlayStation blog this game is going to have more than 10 billion customization. You can just imagine what sort of things you can do here. With that the game is also having a season mode. That will add some more competition when you are playing with others.

There is a new 4 player split-screen mode. You can play with different players and also see their ongoing game progress. At a time 8 players can join the match and play it. Also they can use the replay to checkout recent gameplay. There are some vehicles in the game which are only PS4 exclusive. The game developer is also trying to make match making better on the basis of ranks player will earn when they are competing with each other. You can checkout its gameplay video on YouTube and see the new improvements.